Our Alumni

Nazgul Baitemirova, FT MBA 2018

We continue to tell you about our wonderful Alumni who we are proud of a lot! Today we present to your attention Nazgul Baitemirova, FT MBA 2018. With over eight years of auditing experience in Big4 firms and an MBA in Finance, as well as an AML/CFT & AIFC Legal Framework certification
, Nazgul is a seasoned professional in the financial industry. She now specializes in venture capital support and private placement investment structuring . Among her many accomplishments, Nazgul has contributed to periodic venture capital publications in collaboration with KPMG and other worldwide partners of the AIFC VC Hub. She provides expert advice to startups and VC funds on deal structuring, and startups on investor relations, business expansion & product-market fit . Additionally, her expertise encompasses assisting GP/LP schemes with registration and authorization within the AIFC framework . Nazgul's academic background includes earning her undergraduate degrees from KIMEP University and Tilburg University . She further strengthened her professional foundation by obtaining an MBA from Nazarbayev University and Duke University. This comprehensive education has provided her with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in her current roles and support the venture capital ecosystem in Kazakhstan.
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