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Beksultan Maukenov, FT MBA 2023

My name is Beksultan , I am a FT MBA 2023 graduate🔝.

At the moment I am a CBO and a shareholder of the design bureau Cleverest Technologies💻. At the moment, we are engaged in the fact that we design autonomous systems - situational centers, autonomous vehicles and robots🤖. In addition, we have several products that we are developing.

1. UmAI💡 is an artificial intelligence-based video analytics system that allows you to capture and send notifications to the command center about various objects and actions, such as running, crowds, weapons. With the help of cameras, we can also detect drones at long distances, which is very useful for security companies.

2. The second product is an employee health and safety monitoring system👷 that can issue instant notifications to the command center that an employee has become ill or has fallen, as well as the employee's location.

3. Beren anti-drone gun

4. Tanir equipment automation system

I decided to enter the MBA🎓 because the business began to gain momentum, the number of employees increased, and I realized that I needed to improve my skills in business management. And I made the right decision - thanks to the knowledge and skills gained at NU GSB, I am now successfully developing our products with a partner.

And what really motivates me is that with some classmates-entrepreneurs in FTMBA and EMBA we started successful partnerships on large projects.

What has the MBA program given me?

I got:

• Skills in financial analysis💸 , project management, statistics and so on;

• The ability to build a successful development strategy, business communications and negotiations

• Network✅ - got to know experienced entrepreneurs and top managers who were my fellow students

• Got a chance to take a couple of courses at Fuqua business school by Duke University.

• Became part of the NU GSB Alumni family, who constantly hold interesting events and support alumni in every possible way
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